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Macau has long been a betting sanctuary for Hong Kongers and Chinese comparable; however the spate of new Casinos is magnetizing bettors from all over the planet. Our Macau Casino Guide takes you through Macaus main and happening casinos.

Wynn Macau
The Wynn has completed a big splash on the Macau casino market as its inauguration in 2006. The casino is noticeably lesser than most of its rivals, approximately half that of the Sands, even though it is currently increasing its size, but it has proved small is gorgeous.

An award-charming design, both interior and exterior, has had the Hong Kong betting world’s cream of the crop flock to the Wynn to take pleasure in superior service Las vegas style gambling and some of the uppermost stakes gambling in town. Minimum stakes are generally high but the Wynn is a cut above the average.

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Casino Lisboa
One of Macaus oldest casinos, and a veteran in contrast to its later American cousins, the Lisboa was appearing more than a small rundown of late, and in the face of rising competition, pleasured itself to a facelift.

Re-opened in early 2007, the Lisboa is a lot less apprehension and thankfully a lot brighter. The Lisboa is still markedly dissimilar from the Las Vegas style Casinos popping up the country. Low on glitz and glamour and instead packed with a den of rooms hiding seasoned players.

Comparable to European casino games, the Lisboa is valued a visit for a glance of times gone by. Those looking for the Las Vegas understanding should look elsewhere. 2-4 Avendia Lisboa.

Galaxy Rio Casino
Not essentially the major or the best, but certainly one of the most pleasant. The Galaxy Rio Casino is more sophisticated than its impetuous Las Vegas cousins and its diminutive size helps it keep an cherished environment.

Set in downtown Macau, the casino magnetizes a seasoned crowd of dedicated followers and is the better for it. A lack of gambling tables keeps most punters at the superior casinos, but for a more graceful gaming understanding you can’t beat the Galaxy Rio. Opposiute Ho Yin Garden, Downton Macau

Sands Casino
Situated - Avenue da Amizade

Working Hours - 24hrs

Restaurants - 2

Dress - informal

Since its opening the Sands brought Las Vegas style to the Island, Macau's casinos haven't appeared back, with every casino importing the identical Las Vegas gimmicks. For now, the Sands, along with its violent rival Wynn Casino, remains the most excellent.

Its golden tower near the Hong Kong ferry pier holds over 229,000 of gambling room, as well as a hotel and many hotels.The Casino itself has the most excellent range of gambling ranges in Macau, with staking minimums running the gamut from rock-bottom to sky-high. In fact, with approximately 740 gaming tables, the Casino claims to have the most in the earth.

Slot machines are packed into the huge aircraft barn style main hall, with both Chinese and Western method of gambling machines well-represent. The Sands is also more than capable in handling high rollers, with a number of elite rooms.

Residing at Sands Macau is also about freedom. The 51 premium suites range from 1,000 to 8,000 square feet. The suites comprises in-room massage areas, in-room saunas, karaoke rooms, state-of-the-art amusement centers with multiple plasma screen televisions and digital enclose sound, private plunge pools, butler service, entry to hundreds of premium teas, remote-controlled drapes, lighting, and audio-visual gear, custom hand- woven carpets, custom-designed furnishings and lighting, and whirlpool Jacuzzis with panoramic views of Macao's Outer port

VIP treatment
Speaking of the lucky and commanding, VIP betting at Sands Hotel Macao is spirited with the amazingly lucrative high-rolling sight at the local Macau Hotel Lisboa. The invitation-only Paiza memberships let VIP visitors access to private jets, limousines, helicopters, and jetfoil services, a 24-hour caretaker; confidential entrances, elite entertainment lounges, VIP high-limit gambling casino locations, exclusive VIP gaming parlors for premium gamblers, cigar bars, wine tasting areas, and private feast.

Travel To Macau

A package arrangement combines a casino room and ticket fare to give you savings on both. In many cases you will be capable to pick up a package for the cost you would pay for ticket fare alone. This is fairly frequent for people traveling from Hong Kong to Macau.

A little shopping around can put aside you a lot of cash on your trip. There are many specials being accessible all the time by dissimilar airlines and online casinos. A good way to find these is to check with a voyage agent.

Most of the main airlines like Hong Kong Airlines are now proposing vacation packages to Macau also. One benefit of a festival package is you are not obliged to give a casino a certain level of gambling per day. Hong Kong, one of the most thrilling cities in Asia and is crowded with limitless variety. This active city set against a gorgeous natural harbor is lively and modern while retaining historical civilization and charm.

Hong Kong while known as a shopper’s heaven also proposes an loads of delightful cuisine and panoramic vistas.

A short boat voyage away takes you to Macau measured to be Asia’s version of Monte Carlo rich with grand casinos and world class amusement. This previous Portuguese outpost while retaining its distinct Chinese feel has been very much influenced by its European history.

Whether it’s the baroque fashioned churches and royal mansions or the Mediterranean fashion café’s and Macanese dishes Macau proposes visitors a truly charming merge of East and West.

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Kimberley Hotel (Standard room)

Casa Real Hotel (Standard room)





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Macau City










Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel (Standard room)



Hong Kong City
Macau City




Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel (Standard room)

The Westin Resort Macau (Standard)





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Casino Games In Hong Kong

The game of mahjong is almost exclusively particular with the Chinese culture. The cliches run amok with chatty housewives gambling the game, triad members staking in mahjong houses, or senior citizens chasing away the hours with a game that inspires their mind.

It's a game that is taken pleasure by people from all walks of life and among dissimilar age groups. Moreover, it has also been able to spread internationally.

There are many myths concerning when and how the mahjong game was invented. Stories say that the game dates back more than 2000 years ago when a princess discovered the game in the royal courtyard.

She invited three of her maids to gamble and that's why the game consists of four gamblers. Others say that it was the philosopher Confucius who discovered the tiled game. For sure, myths have hyped the origin of mahjong but the reality remains that no records of mahjong subsisted until the mid 19th century.

The truth is that a great argue still rages on for whom to characteristic this stimulating past time.

The game of blackjack is a thrilling one. Blackjack game that is gambled by millions of people all over the planet in live casinos as well as online. The game is gambled against a trader and your main goal is to beat the trader's hand devoid going over 21. Black jack is almost always gambled for real money but gambling black jack game for free has remuneration as well.

Gambling online blackjack for free will permit you to perform new blackjack tips and recover your blackjack gambling strategies. One of the best ways to improve your approach is to study blackjack odds. Odds in blackjack are your chances of succeeding in any situation based on your choice to strike or stay.

There is a blackjack approach chart that will give you the best succeeding chance in any circumstances. You can get them for free almost universally you turn. There is no superior online blackjack chart or in person blackjack chart than the one which is currently used.

Gambling poker is the game for poker players who want to stake their cash so as to earn a living. Since of this, most people who do betting poker put their cash at high risk. So as to avoid gambling your money, try not to exceed your limit. Before engaging into playing poker, set up first a limit so as to guide you all throughout the game.

Do keep in mind also that in gambling poker, you should by no means drink and gamble or do not risk if you are tired. These things will diminish your ability to focus on the game. After all, playing poker is not all about luck; it also requires greater deal of cleverness.

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